Campfire Songs
Run by the Retired Scouter.

Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Abdul, The Bulbul Ameer

Brendan O'Dowda sings the tune. There are word variations between the one shown here and the one sung.

Youtube address: cIzVXxs0EyU

The sons of the Prophet are hardy and bold
And quite unaccustomed to fear-
But of all, the most reckless of life or of limb
Was Abdul, the Bulbul Ameer.
When they wanted a man to encourage the van
Or to shout "Hul-la-loo!" in the rear
Or to storm a redoubt, they straightaway sent out
For Abdul, the Bulbul Ameer.
There are heroes in plenty and well-known to fame
In the ranks that are led by the Czar
But the bravest of all was the man with the name
Of Ivan Skavinski Skavar.
He could imitate Irving, play euchre or pool,
And perform on the Spanish guitar.
In fact, quite the cream of the Muscovite team,
Was Ivan Skavinski Skavar
One morning the Russian had shouldered his gun,
And put on his most cynical sneer,
When, going down town, he happened to run
Into Abdul the Bulbul Ameer
Said the Bulbul, "Young man, is existence so dull
That you're anxious to end your career?
For, infidel, know that you've trod on the toe
Of Abdul, the Bulbul Ameer."
Said the Russian, "My friend, your remarks in the end
Will prove only futile, I fear
For I mean to imply you are going to die
Mr. Abdul, the Bulbul Ameer."
The Bulbul so bold, swore a swear, it is said,
Which brought people in crowds from afar
Then, fiercely intent upon slaughter, he went
For Ivan Skavinski Skavar.
But just as his knife was ending his life
In fact, he had shouted "Huzza!"
He felt himself struck by that subtle Calmuck
Bold Ivan Skavinski Skavar.
When the Sultan rode up the disturbance to quell
Or to give to the victor the cheer,
He arrived just in time to take hasty farewell
Of Abdul, the Bulbul Ameer.
There's la grave where the wave of the Danube doth roll
And on it, engraven so clear
Is, "Stranger, remember to pray for the soul
Of Abdul the Bulbul Ameer."
But a Muscovite maiden her vigil doth keep
In her home 'neath the cold northern star
And the name she so tenderly murmurs in sleep
Is "Ivan Skavinski Skavar."