Campfire Songs
Run by the Retired Scouter.

Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

All Round My Hat

All round my hat I will wear the green willow;
All round my hat for a twelve month and a day;
If anybody asks me the reason why, I wear it,
It's all because my true love is far, far away.
My love she was fair, and my love she was kind, too,
And many were the happy hours between my love and me,
I never could refuse her whatever she's a mind to,
And now she's far away, far o'er the stormy sea.
Will my love be true and will my love be faithful
Or will she find another swain to court her when she's gone?
The men will all run after her, so pretty and so graceful,
And leave me here lamenting, lamenting all alone.