Campfire Songs
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Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Blair Atholl Song, The

Here in the heart of Scotland,
Nature's glories never cease.
Amid the soft green hills of Pertshire,
We have known Blair Atholl's peace.

Haste ye back, haste ye back,
Haste ye back and don't forget
Happy days here at Blair Atholl,
May God bless our Jamborette.

We have clasped our hands in friendship
We have talked into the night,
Each has sung of his own homeland
By the camp-fire's fading light.


Some men are blessed with vision,
Jack Stewart was such a man.
He's no longer here to guide us
But we'll carry out his plan.


Now the Jamborette is over
In parting some shed tears
Time can't rob us of the memories.
May they warm us through the years.

Chorus, chorus.