Campfire Songs
Run by the Retired Scouter.

Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Brain Boxer

With my hands on myself,
Vas is das here?
Das is my brain boxer
Ya mamma dear.
Brain boxer, brain boxer
Dippy dippy doo.
Dat's vat I learned
In the school
Yah vol!

Additional Verses:
Point to - Sing:
Top of Head - Brain Boxer
Forehead - Sweat Browser
Eye - Eye Blinker
Nose - Nose Blower
Moustache - Soup Strainer
Mouth - Meal Pusher
Chin - Chin Chopper
Neck - Rubber Necker
Chest - Chest Protecter
Stomach - Bread Basket
Lap - Baby Bouncer
Foot - Foot Stomper