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Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Death Of Cock Robin, The

All the birds of the air fell a sighin' and sobbin'
When they heard of the death of poor cock robin
When they heard of the death of poor cock robin

Who killed cock robin?
"I", said the sparrow, "with my bow and arrow"
"I killed cock robin"

Who saw him die?
"I", said the fly, "with my little eye"

Who'll make his shroud?
"I", said the beetle, "with my thread and needle"

Who'll dig his grave?
"I", said the owl, "with my little trowel"

Who'll give the memorial?
"I", said the rook, "with my little book"

Who'll be chief mourner?
"I", said the dove, "with my undying love"

Who'll bear the coffin?
"I", said the wren, "with rooster and the hen"

Who'll let him down?
"I", said the crane, "with my golden chain"

Who'll cover him over?
"I", said the crow, "with my little hoe"

Who'll toll the bell?
"I", said the bull, "because I can pull"

Who'll mark the grave?
"I", said the thrush, "with my paint and brush"

Who'll keep the vigil?
"I", said the lark, "so long as it's not dark"