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Columbus' Song

Charlie Zahm sings the tune. And provides a little bit of history.

Youtube address: HpHaxw4WzuE

Tune: Yankee Doodle


"Sail on," he said, "Sail on and on,
There's nothing you should dread.
We'll find the new world soon, I'm sure.
Just think of what's ahead."

In fourteen hundred and ninety two,
Columbus sailed from Spain,
With three ships and eighty men,
Across the bounding main.


Columbus was a sailor fine,
He knew his navigation,
And even though his men were scared,
He was their inspiration.


"Don't be frightened men," he said.
"Just think what's on the shore.
Silks and spices, jewels and gold,
What sights there are in store."


All night long he kept his watch.
The ship tossed to and fro
And when the light of dawn appeared,
The first mate yelled, "Land ho!"