Campfire Songs
Run by the Retired Scouter.

Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Dollar Dollar

The Song:

Dollar, dollar how you wander

From the one hand to the other

Is it fair, is it fair

To leave poor (name of girl in centre of circle) standing

The Game:

Have everyone stand in a circle, close together. One
person stands in the middle of the circle. Everyone in the circle holds
their left hands palm up, with the fingers curled slightly so that the
person in the middle wouldn't be able to see objects hidden in the hand.
One person in the circle is given a dollar coin (if you're not in Canada,
substitute a quarter or whatever you'd like!). During the song, everyone
pretends they're picking up the dollar from their left hand using their
right hand, and passing it to the person on their right. Of course, whoever
has the dollar coin actually does pass it along! When the verse is over,
everyone pauses with their right hand hiding an imaginary object in their
left hand (except for whoever's got the coin... they're actually hiding
it!) The person in the middle of the circle has two chances to guess who
has the coin. If she's right, she stays in the centre. If she's wrong,
she trades places with whoever had the coin.