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Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Dutch Twins

I'm a
down-hearted Dutch
With grief and with shame
And das is the reason
I don't know my name

Ya Hoy Ya Ya
Hoy Ya Ya
Hoy Ya Ya Ya
Ya hoy ya ya
Hoy ya ya
Hoy ya ya ya
You may think this funny
You may think this queer
But wait 'till the rest
Of my story you hear
My mother had twins
Just me and my brother
We look so much alike
Can't tell one from another
We're called Hans and Jacob
And that was our names
It doesn't make a difference
We're called just the same

Now one of us died
Believe me 'tis so
Which one of us died
My mother don't know
Now this is the thing
I can't get through my head
Am I Hans that is living
Or Jacob that's dead?