Campfire Songs
Run by the Retired Scouter.

Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Ghost Of Anne Bolelyn, The

Now in the Tower of London, large as life (large as life)
The ghost of Anne Bolelyn walks, I declare (I declare)
Now, Anne Bolelyn was once King Henry's wife (Henry's wife)
Until he had the axman bob her hair (bob her hair)
It happened many long years ago (long years ago)
But she still comes back at night to tell him so (tell him so)

With her head tucked underneath her arm, she walks the bloody tower
With her head tucked underneath her arm, at the midnight hour

Oh, once in a while King Henry gives a spread (gives a spread)
For all his pals and gals, a ghostly crew (ghostly crew)
The axman carves the meat and cuts the bread (cuts the bread)
And in walks Anne Bolelyn to spoil the stew (spoil the stew)
She holds her head up high with a wild wa-whoop [blood curdling scream]
King Henry cries, "Don't drop it in the soup!" (in the soup)

Along the drafty corridors for miles and miles she goes
She often catches cold, poor thing, it's drafty when it blows
And it's awfully awkward when she has to blow her nose
With her head tucked underneath her arm