Campfire Songs
Run by the Retired Scouter.

Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 


There's a time to laugh and a time to cry
A time to forgive and a time to forget
Dreams we dream sometimes never die
We carry them on till they become someone else's dream
A friend of mine had such a dream
I met her at a truck stop just outside Phoenix
We both worked there
Her dream came true, I know it
The key to her dream was a little sign that reads
She's a lovely girl, pretty smile
But behind all this I could see a troubled mind
She told me o' when she met the guy that won her heart
And made her life a joy
And before too long more happiness came, a little baby boy
Things wasn't to bad
The job wasn't much
But somehow they got by
And then came the day when he drove home a big truck
And the little boy became so overjoyed
Just like when he saw his first falling snow
He kept shoutin' Giddy-up-go Daddy, Giddy-up-go
Then a dark cloud moved in
A few years later
Not long, after a few visits to the doctor
She said it was just a matter of time
She knew she would have to move to a warmer climate
And this troubled he mind
So without leaving a trace
She took her son, and left town one night!
She settled here
And we became the closest of friends
We talked from time to time and she'd smile
And her eyes would glow
When she talked about Giddy-up-go
Each time a truck would pull in
I could see her stare, and stare
Wasn't long before she had to give up being a waitress here
And she moved on out of town. Not too far
We visited almost every week
The boy had almost grown
He's the spittin' image of his dad, she'd say
The most handsome man I've ever known
Without cab once more, moved away
As I stood close by, once again, she told her story
I could see a tear in her eye
I know my son longs for the road
'N the last request he had: Let him be a truck driver
Like son, like dad
The boy soon left town, I never knew for where
But I find myself watching every truck that pulls around the
And Giddy-up-go was the only name that held between the two
And I was hopin' that I could be of help
It became a dream for me too
Just now I froze in my tracks, as I watched two trucks pull in
A big new shiny diesel, and an old one
Wow. I couldn't help starin' as they walked in
Ordered coffee and talked a while
Then I saw them leave, both wearin' such a smile
They walked out to the old truck
And brushed off some dirt
So the name plate would show
And before my eyes, a little sign that read