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Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Here We Go Around The World Centres

The Wiggles sing the tune.

Youtube address: 3bSgUgK6Gwg

Tune: Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush


Here we go around the world
Here we go around the world
Here we go around the world
To visit OUR CHALET.

At OUR CHALET we meet the Swiss
On mountain heights we climb like this
We might see a goat, or an Eidelweiss

Chorus: (change last line to "To visit PAX LODGE")

From PAX LODGE we see the sights
Of London Town and city lights
We meet the English on rainy nights
While we're cosy at PAX LODGE

Chorus: ... To visit OUR CABANA

OUR CABANA's in Mexico
And off to a bull fight we all go
Arts and crafts to children we show
When staying at OUR CABANA

Chorus: ... And now we go to SANGAM

India's SANGAM is far away
But we'll see the life of Old Bombay
We'll dance and sing all through the day
When we go to SANGAM

These are the centres for Girl Scouts or Guides
We think of them with joy and pride
For we have travelled far and wide
All around the world.