Campfire Songs
Run by the Retired Scouter.

Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

I Wish I Was

The Barney version.

Youtube address: qmCEQVcNp4s

Tune: If You're Happy and You Know It

Oh, I wish I was a little stripe-ed skunk
Oh, I wish I was a little stripe-ed skunk
I would sit up in the tree-sies, and perfume all the breezies
Oh, I wish I was a little stripe-ed skunk

2. Mosquito-Oh, I'd itchy and I'd bitey, under everybody's nighty
3. Cake of Soap-Oh, I'd slippy and I'd slidey over every-body's hidey
4. Fishy in the Sea-Oh, wouldn't I look cute, without my bathing suit
5. English Sparrow-Oh, I'd sit up in the steeple, and spit on all the people
6. Bog o' Mud-Oh, I'd oozy and I'd goozy into everybody's shoesie
7. Slippery Root-Oh, I'd stick up in the trail, and I'd flop you on you tail
8. Candle Flame-Oh, I'd be so very bright, and go out every night
9. Safety Pin-And everything that's busted, I would hold until I rusted
10. Can of Soda-I'd go down with a slurp, and come up with a burp
11. Kangaroo-Oh, I'd hippy and I'd hoppy inside my mommy's pockie
12. Spoon of Castor Oil-Oh, I'd lubricate the chassies of all the lads and lassies
13. Sugar Bun-Oh, I'd slippy and I'd slidey into everyone's insides
14. Juicy little orange-When you squeeze me, I would squirty onto everybody's shirty
15. Foreign car-I would run and I'd speedy over slow pedestrians' feety
16. Water Bed-Oh, I'd wobble and I'd wiggle and make the sleepers giggle