Campfire Songs
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Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

My Old Man's A Dustman (variation)

O, my old man's a dustman
He wears a dustman's hat
He bought two thousand tickets
To see a football match

Oh, Fatty passed to Skinny
And Skinny passed it back
Fatty took a rotten shot
And knocked the goalie flat, OOH!

Where was the goalie
When the ball went in the net?
Halfway up the goalpost
With his trousers round his neck, singing

Oompah, oompah
Stick it up you jumper
Rule Britannia, marmalde and jam
We threw sausages at our old man

They put him on a stetcher
They put him on a bed
They rubbed his belly
With a five pound jelly
But the poor old soul was dead