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Rooster Song, The

I had a chicken
That wouldn't lay any eggs
I had a chicken
That wouldn't lay any eggs


Until that rooster came in my yard
And caught that chicken right off her guard
We're getting eggs now just like we used to
Ever since that rooster came in my yard

Other verses and their chorus:

Bubblegum machine that wouldn't give any gum -- we're getting
Toaster that wouldn't give any toast -- we're getting Eggos
Cow that wouldn't give any milk -- we're getting egg nog
Teacher that wouldn't give any tests -- we're getting egg-sams
Politician that wouldn't win any elections -- we're getting
chicken catch-a-Tory
Dog that wouldn't give any pups -- we're getting pooched eggs
Toy shop that wouldn't sell toys -- we're getting Lego
Nylon dispenser that wouldn't give nylons -- we're getting L'Eggs
Dumptruck that wouldn't move dirt -- we're getting egg-scavations

Hospital that wouldn't heal people -- we're getting eggs-rays
Health spa that wouldn't keep me fit -- we're getting eggs-ercise

Farmer that wouldn't grow beans -- we're getting chick peas
Hairdresser that wouldn't dye hair -- we're getting henn-aed
Philosopher who wouldn't ponder -- we're getting eggs-istential
Chemist who wouldn't do labs -- we're getting hen-alytical
Physicist who couldn't do thermodynamics -- we're getting
Gardener that wouldn't grow veggies -- we're getting egg plants
Fishwife who wouldn't nag -- we're getting hen pecked
Company that wouldn't trade goods -- we're getting eggs-ports
Spice rack that didn't have herbs -- we're getting chick-ory
Song that went on way too long -- we're getting egg-sasparated