Campfire Songs
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Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Seasick Feeling

The Righteous Brothers lip-synch the tune.

Youtube address: lhs3Rj71gpo

Tune: You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

We've got that seasick feeling,
Oooh, that seasick feeling.
We've got that seasick feeling.
Lunch is gone, gone, gone. Oh, oh, oh.

We always close our eyes,
When we're sailing on the seas.
There is some shakiness
Going way down to my knees.
We're trying not to show it.
Oh, inside, inside we know it.


I've got a stomach ache
As I stagger toward the rail.
Boy! If I must get sick,
I hope I don't barf on a whale.
You know I just feel like crying.
'Cause something in my stomach is dying.


When I get seasick,
I get down on my knees to pray,
That all my breakfast and lunch
Will in my stomach stay.
I need some Tums, some Rolaids, Some Alka-seltzer too.
The cook just said he'd made
Another batch of stew.

I need a pail; I need a pail.
I need a pail. I need a pail!
So bring it here please.
Bring it here, please.
Bring it here, please.
Bring it here, please.