Campfire Songs
Run by the Retired Scouter.

Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Sewer Song

Art Carney sings the tune.

Youtube address: qRvrj-x1lSo

We sing the song of the sewer
Of the sewer we sing this song.
Together we stand
With shovels in hand
To keep things floating along.
I work in the sewer,
It's a pretty hard job.
You know they don't hire
Just any old slob.
You don't have to wear
A tie or a coat.
You just gotta know
How to float.
I work in the sewer
With a guy named Bruce.
We're in charge
Of all the refuse.
I go down first
While he holds the lid.
Gee, I'm telling you
What a sweet kid.
A fuuny thing happened
To Bruce yesterday.
The tide came up
He got carried away.
He ended up in Jersey.
But that's O.K. now.
'Cause that's where
He lives anyhow.
My father he worked
In the sewer Uptown.
I followed his footsteps
And worked my way down.
That's how I got started
In this here industry.
I just sort of fell into it.
Sheesh, lucky me.