Campfire Songs
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Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

Song Of The States - 1

Oh what did Dela ware, friends, Oh what did Dela ware?
I ask you again, as a personal friend, what did Dela ware?
She wore her New Jersey, friends, she wore her New Jersey
I tell you again, as a personal friend, she wore her New
2. Oh, how did Flori-die, friends?
She died in Mis-sour-i, friends
3. Oh, what did Io-way, friends?
She weighed a Washington, friends
4. Oh, what did Ida-ho, friends?
She hoed her Mary-land, friends
5. Oh, how did Wiscon-sin, friends?
She stole a New-bras-key, friends
6. Oh, what did Tennessee, friends?
She saw what Arkan-sas, friends
7. Oh, where has Ore-gon, friends?
She's taking Okla-home, friends
8. Oh, what did Massa-chew, friends?
She chewed her Connecti-cud, friends
9. Oh, what did Missi-sip, friends?
She sipped her Mini-soda, friends
10.Oh, what did Ohi-owe, friends?
She owed her state Taxes, friends
11.Oh, why did Califone, friends?
She called to say, "Hawaii," friends