Campfire Songs
Run by the Retired Scouter.

Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 


If everybody had a tail and chose it's shape and size
Would you prefer a tufted one to swat at passing flies?
Or would you have a stumpy one to thump on wooden floors,
Or p'raps a warm and fluffy one to curl around your paws?


Tails, tails, tails you can swing them to and fro
You can wrap them round your middle
You can trail them in the snow
You can wave them when you're angry
You can wag them when you're glad
You can chase them round and round and round and round and round
and round and round and round and round and round...
Until you drive the neighbours mad!

And would you wear it stripey, speckled, plain or maybe spotted?
And would you wear it curly, straight, or elegantly knotted?
And if it was prehensile, what enormous fun to be
The envy of the neighbours as you swing from tree to tree!

If tails were made detachable, how useful it would be
To change your tail for parties, or for playing by the sea
Or if you're going out at night, with safety first in mind
To wear a red fluorescent one to light up your behind!