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Warwickshire Song, The

A young earl of Warwick, one Atholl by name,
Did need him a sign for to bring him some fame,
His name meant a bear so a bear he did choose,
And so for the first time he came into the news.

Rye toodle rye toodle rye toodle rye aye
I'll show you this sing if you come down our way
It's only a bear standing up by a tree,
But it's story was told in 900ad

Morvidus the earl who came after that chap,
Uprooted an oak and with lions did scrap,
He slew them and cut it to pieces of chaf,
And that's how the bear got his rugged old staff,


Now many a story no doubt you've been told,
Concerning this legend so quaint and so old,
We'll stick to our story, Although you may laugh,
We're the girls of that bear and that rugged old staff.