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Retired Scouter Campfire Songs 

World Centre Song

The Barney version.

Youtube address: qmCEQVcNp4s

Tune: If You're Happy and You Know It

Just to visit a world centre is a thrill
Though the distance may deter us, go we will
We can meet old friends and new
Share our faiths and customs too
Where, though far from home we may be happy still.

Our Chalet is in the mountains it is Swiss
It is one place you should never give a miss
Climb a mountain, ski back down
You will never wear a frown
When you gather in a lovely home like this.

Come to London on the way to anywhere
Pax Lodge is here for everyone to share
See the great historic sites
Or the theatres at night
Knowing you've a home to greet you that will care

Our Cabana stands in Mexico - Ole!
And whoever goes to visit wants to stay
There's' a welcome there for all
Secret friends on you may call
So that this is home for you in every way

There's an Indian experience come along
"Come together" here in Sangam with a song
Light a candle for our friends
And at last when daylight ends
We're together in our home where we belong.